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Mission Statement

Catholic Charities of Delaware & Otsego Counties values the oneness of all people and welcomes the richness of race, color, religion, age, capacity and economic status. We work with individuals, families and communities to help meet their needs, address their issues, eliminate barriers and build a just and compassionate society.


Mediation Services & CASA Program:

Mediation's consensus process assumes that dignity and participation are more important than efficiency and expertise. It rests on the expectation that every person has an element of goodwill, every person is capable of change, people can and should make decisions about their own lives; and the parties speak for themselves, think for themselves, decide for themselves and both the hard work and the outcome is theirs.

A Mediator's responsibility is to assist individuals in conflict to come to resolution. A mediator does not give advice nor assess blame. A mediator is a neutral/impartial third party who works with individuals who voluntarily agree to bring their conflict to mediation. All work is held in the highest degree of confidentiality. Mediators are professionally trained volunteers whose oral and written skills work through issues in confluict and may write up an agreement that parties voluntarily choose to commit to.

The CASA Program involves professionally trained volunteers (CASA=Court Appointed Special Advocates) who are court appointed by the Family Court Judge to advocate for a child whose family has an abuse/neglect family court case. The CASA works with the child and all those who impact the child's life to understand and recommend the best permanent home for that child's well being.

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by Mary P. (2011-04-12 14:48:15.0)
I had done my college internship at this agency and then worked for them for a number of years as well as having been a volunteer mediator and arbitrator for them. I think they are the greatest.