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Mission Statement

The Venus Project is a 501c3 not-for-profit educational think tank that operates out of a 25-acre Research Center located in Venus, Florida.

The Venus Project presents and implements visionary futurist and industrial designer Jacque Fresco's bold, new direction for humanity called "Future by Design." A breathtaking blueprint for today and tomorrow, Future by Design entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture.

The need for whole systems change is self-evident when one first encounters Mr. Fresco's astonishing futuristic designs of Cities that Think and Cities in the Sea, a wide variety of alternative energy and transportation systems, Intelligent Housing, and a resource-based economic theory that makes sense.

When one considers the enormity of the challenges facing society today, we can safely conclude that the time is long overdue for us to reexamine our values, and to reflect upon and evaluate some of the underlying issues and assumptions we have as a society. This self-analysis calls into question the very nature of what it means to be human, what it means to be a member of a "civilization," and what choices we can make today to ensure a prosperous future for all the world's people.

The genius of Mr. Fresco's new blueprint for the future is that it simply redirects existing human, technological and natural resources to solve the seemingly intransigent problems of today.

Hailed as the Leonardo da Vinci of our times, Mr. Fresco's ideas and creations may be glimpsed in the new documentary biopic created by filmmaker William Gazecki, Future by Design. http://www.futurebydesignthemovie.com/

We encourage all those committed to building a more humane, efficient and effective today and tomorrow to join us in the Venus Project.


The Venus Project is dedicated to solving serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the Earth's ecosystems by actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions.

Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can offer directly to the social system, The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

The Venus Project offers society a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities inherent in current technology and direct that knowledge toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all cultures. Through the implementation of a resource-based economy, and a multitude of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies directly applied to the social system, The Venus Project proposals will dramatically reduce crime, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and many other pressing problems that are common throughout the world today.



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