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Mission Statement

C-re-a.i.d.: -Change -REsearch -Architecture -Innovation -Design is a Tanzanian registered nonprofit organization; which conducts research into the influences of architecture on the development in Tanzania. This is achieved by conducting fieldwork, organizing construction, empowering local craftsmen and receiving students architecture and engineering.


The organisation was founded by Freya Candel in 2012. Through her experiences in Tanzania, she found that a persons’ self-confidence, security, health, safety and many other aspects of life are affected by their environment, infrastructure and living conditions.

C-re-aids objectives;

Conduct research into the influences of architecture on the development in Tanzania.

Develop understanding of how architecture impacts on housing development in the North and the South.

Research the social, psychological, physical and motivational impact, architectural interventions have in the South.

Raise awareness of the issues with local housing in Tanzania.

Develop understanding and knowledge of the importance of sustainable development.

Ultimately create change through improved and healthier living conditions, which will influence and boost entire communities.

We achieve these objectives in a unique and innovative way by working in collaboration with Universities worldwide. Our student programme provides an invaluable opportunity for Architectural and Engineering students to put their developing skills to practical use, for the benefit of the local community in Tanzania.

In Tanzania many people are limited in their development because of their infrastructure, next to this they have low self-esteem; they're overwhelmed by life and often cannot do basic daily tasks. When local people in difficult situations see motivated and enthusiastic students, they in turn are motivated and energized. Through the student’s involvement and their approach to the project, locals are empowered, their self-esteem is boosted and they are educated on realistic and achievable ways to improve their living conditions.

We believe that students have a fresh, open-minded point of view and the ability to think 'outside the box’, their ambition and idealism is exactly what is needed to motivate and encourage local communities and furthermore, to stimulate endogenous development.

C-re-aids’ programme offers students international experience in a developing country, students are confronted with architecture in its purest form and learn to be creative in a completely new way, they learn new methods of building and have an unforgettable experience. The programme can be part of the universities course accreditation or placement requirements, research development and assists in expanding international relationships.



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