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Mission Statement

Our mission is to care for, nature, mentor and develop children, Youth women and men in need, in order for them to become balanced, well-adapted and independent future leaders.


Undugu Charities is a youth non-profit Organization striving to empower, support, educate and develop communities through volunteer work and charity donations. "Undugu" is a Swahili word meaning "brotherhood". We work with local non-profits, community leaders, schools, businesses, churches and various individuals to identify the needs and priorities in communities. We mostly engage the youth through talent development; we believe helping young people to achieve their full potential is the best way to: - prevent them from engaging in risky behavior, prepare them to become future leaders, help them achieve a spirit of selflessly helping others. We also believe youth can change this world into a better place! And so, their self confidence, trust and knowledge should be positively boosted at an early state.

In Africa

We reach out to children orphaned by the violent conflicts, HIV/AIDS scourge and other diseases to provide them with shelter and adopt them to a family setting, where they also get opportunity to attain formal education through our partners. Youth talent empowerment and development is highly emphasized and as a result we have a performing troupe called Undugu Family Performers in Kampala Uganda. We also train our youth in art and craft making like weaving, painting, and making all other sorts of African crafts, mainstreaming this with formal education, we are sure that our children and youth grow up with a variety of talents to make use of for essential sustainability. Uganda being our first African beneficially country, we hope to expand to other East African Countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Los Angeles, California

Undugu Charities works with African immigrants to Los Angeles. Many immigrants reach here as Asylum seekers, Refugees, Diversity Visa immigrants, Employment-Based Immigrants or i-130 petition status. Some like Refugees and Asylum seekers reach here with no single idea of what to do, some are ill advised and end up taking erroneous choices which make them liabilities to themselves, the community and the government. The same applies to other types of immigrants like Diversity Visa immigrants, Employment-Based, i-130 Status and their children; many of them fail to take equitable choices because of the baseless wrong advices they receive from various community members. Their children tend to end up in bad behaviors, which at most of the times make them end up in Jails. It’s this gap we would like to close. We consider that any one given access to rightful, meaningful and accurate advice, can have a variety of options to select from, and chances are; he/she would select the right choices. This is what we provide to our communities. Career guidance being the main priority, we also do community outreaches to help and place the homeless, the sick and also educate/advise on various government projects from which they can benefit from, we reach out to youth and sensitize them on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse.

We are working with various partners from different countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and United States of America.



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