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Mission Statement


To see a vibrant and educated population in Africa that will be the driving force of the overall social, economic and political development of Africa.


The mission of PAFU is to provide developed world level free online education and training throughout Africa using state of the art technology and through collaborative effort of communities in Africa, institutions of higher learning and other stakeholders from all over the world.


The target of PAFU is to become the premiere free online education provider in Africa.

Objective of PAFU

A. To establish the Pan African Free Online University that provides top of the line online education

B. Provide free online education to Africans throughout Africa and Africans in Diaspora

C. To serve as an online education platform for universities in Africa

D. To provide corporate training and capacity building services to businesses, public institutions and governments in Africa

E. To mobilize and partner with grassroots communities in Africa and establish community based study centres throughout Africa

F. To solicit funding and grants for PAFU projects

G. To mobilize the African Diaspora and other volunteers to support PAFU’s endeavours

H. To facilitate the conduct of joint research projects between universities in Africa and other universities globally

I. To provide consultancy services in collaboration with partner universities in Africa and other universities in globally

J. To enter into joint venture or partnership with universities around the world to achieve the objectives listed above


Call for Volunteers

The Pan Africa free University (PAFU) initiative that is recently launched to provide free online education and training for Africans in Africa and Africans in Diaspora. PAFU is a legally registered not-for-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA. PAFU’s main mission is to facilitat e close collaboration between g rassroots communities in Africa and universities, professionals and volunteers all over the world. PAFU will provide its services utilizing innovative approaches and state of the art technology . PAFU also aims to facilitate the transfer of contemporary and advanced knowledge to build human and institutional capacity and assist the development of Africa. To attain its mission, PAFU will utiliz e the rich human capital available globally to impart western level education using affordable and flexible approaches. PAFU ’s ultimate goal is to emerge as a model and major provider of capacity building services in the region . More information about PAFU can be obtained from www.pafuhq.org or www.panafricauniversity.org .

PAFU’s undertaking is expected to be huge as its reach is not going to be limited to Africa but it also plans to provide much needed education and training services for Africans in Diaspora. Consequently, this noble yet enormous initiative needs the support of professionals, philanthropists, humanitarians and all those who love Africa and want to contribute something to Africa. Hence, PAFU has launched an initiative called "PAFU Volunteers" Program with the aim of mobilizing supporters and volunteers from all corners of the world.

PAFU volunteers will be the backbone of PAFU and will serve as PAFU’s brand ambassadors, introduce and promote PAFU within their communities, serve in various PAFU initiatives and projects, invite their friends, family and their connections to join as volunteers, promote PAFU on social media and other promotion outlets, join PAFU chapters and work closely with other PAFU volunteers in their cities or organizations.

PAFU needs volunteers that will participate in various capacities such as administrative, teaching, consulting, research, community service, marketing, recruitment, information technology, media, coaching, counselling, and many other areas. PAFU needs dedicated volunteers from all backgrounds, with diverse professional and technical skills, experience levels and cultural backgrounds. Volunteers may enrol and commit for short or long term assignments. To enrol please visit our website www.pafuhq.org or www.panafricafreeuniversity.orge and complete the registration form on the volunteers link. Please also like our Facebook page and pass on the message to your friends and your network. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

PAFU Volunteer Mobilization Team



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