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Mission Statement

O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc. mission is to provide on-the-job-training to our clients (at-risk youth ages 14 - 24), and help them to expand their employment opportunities by receiving work skill training in response to the high rate of unemployment and lack of job training, to get better paying jobs. Our vision is to offer 28-30 participants per month (growing to 60 and 100 respectively in the 2nd and 3rd years), job-skill training and counseling that will allow at least 50% of them to obtain and maintain jobs, and at least 95% of them will have developed enough skills to write a resume and go on job interviews.


Today even more so than in recent years it is difficult to get your first job. Even the fast-food jobs are being taken, in most cases, as supplemental income by people already employed, laid-off or retired, especially now due to the current economic state. "I’m sorry but we need someone with job experience." But you need a job to get the experience!! O.J.T.B. will provide that first job experience to our clients by providing our customers with quality document preparation services. And this is "Only Just The Beginning".

O.J.T.B. knows also, that the human service organizations play a significant role by providing access to services, benefits and opportunities in a timely manner. So we will provide for them - the small/medium sized start-up non-profits, the opportunity to focus on organizational effectiveness, quality, resilience, quantity and commitment to excellence, a chance to enhance the services provided to those attempting to break out of the grasp of poverty. So now, instead of having to pay an exorbitant amount of rents for only a little space, we seek to provide a start-up facility to work from, administrative and maintenance services, and the opportunity to collaborate or even form partnerships while seeking funding. This program is called "The Non-profit's Non-Profit".

We have also included fundraising assistance through travel with OJTB Travel Agency.



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