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Mission Statement

International Disaster Volunteers (IDV) is a volunteer driven registered charity that works with communities worldwide which have been affected by or are vulnerable to disaster. Our goals are to help survivors achieve sustainable recovery and build more resilient communities both before and after disaster.

We believe that to provide meaningful assistance to disaster affected and at risk communities around the world we have to do more than construct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that make communities vulnerable to disaster.

We believe that survivor motivation is essential to the recovery of any disaster affected or at risk community. Our operations will always be predicated on the idea that survivors may be traumatised, but they are not helpless. With this in mind, we will encourage our host communities to direct their own recovery.

We also believe that social cohesion is of primary importance in any disaster affected or at risk area. No amount of bricks or mortar will bring about sustainable improvement if communities fail to come together or are disrupted by our efforts. Therefore, our operations will always aim to foster communication and cooperation within and between the communities we serve.


IDV works with disaster affected and at risk communities worldwide to help them find sustainable solutions to the problems they face.

We are currently providing relief in Nepal and are also supporting long-term recovery in Haiti, and Tacloban and Disaster Risk Reduction just oustide Manila.

In Haiti, we're supporting orphans, education for children living in poverty, and education to help adults help themselves.

In Manila, we're focusing on helping communities become more able to resist disaster before it strikes.

In Tacloban we provided relief and and helped with reconstruction of schools and community facilities.

We're now working in close partnership with local organisations in Nepal. We've provided immediate emergency relief by way of food and shelter and are loojking at more long term sustainable shelter provision.



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