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Mission Statement

To improve education in the rural areas in the ejisu- Juaben municipality




This profile is the outcome of how CAEF has been concerned with

  1. Brilliant but needed children who have completed junior high school but are not able to continue their education to senior high school.2.
  2. The underprivileged school children of rural areas in Ejisu -Juaben Municipality to holistically address issues affecting their access to quality education.

The total neglect of these children to tap their potentialities for the good of society.

CAEF’S dream has been how to draw the attention of Government, Donors and other benevolent partners to address the problems of these unfortunate children.

Even though CAEF has tried to do what it can to assist, it has not yet derived the desired results. Therefore it is still looking forward to the day it will receive the needed assistance to improve the lot of these unfortunate children to the benefit of the society as a whole.

This profile seeks to outline a way forward for the development of CAEF to assist the children in the municipality (Ejisu- Juaben)

This profile again articulates the reason for the concept they are, the purpose, goals, aims, objectives,

Roles and activities, membership and structure of CAEF.



The purpose of the formation of CAEF was that;

  1. The children in the Ejisu- Juaben municipality were seen to be seriously under privileged.
  2. The education was negligible because of the financial hardship of the parents.
  3. CAEF envisages to providing help to these children so that they can get their better education after completing junior high school.

However, the immediate cause leading to the formation of the foundation in September 2008 was after three students who completed junior high school but could not continue due to financial difficulties. Efforts were made to get some finance to help these students. Through the effort of Mr. Frederick Berchie, a teacher by profession, the children were able to get assistance to continue their education in senior high school.


CAEF, through the role played by Mr. Frederick Berchie, was able to register the foundation as non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization. The foundation was registered with the Registrar General Department on the 5 th August 2011 with registered number (G-37781)

MOTTO: Help make life better for the needy ones.

VISION: improving education and well- being of Needy and underprivileged children.

Mission : to improve education in the rural areas in Ejisu-Juaben municipality.

GOAL: To ensure good education of students in our project community.


v To help Brilliant but needy student in society.

v To organize educational programs for students.

v To undertake community on education to create awareness on formal education.

v To advocate for financial resources to help students in society.

v To Promote equal access to quality education for rural children

v To improve rural access to educational materials and resources

v To understand and improve health issues affecting rural school children

v To advance equal opportunity and the rights of rural children

v Contribute to environmental education in rural areas.

v Facilitate the improvement of reproductive Health Rights among women and children.


CAEF works with

1.Brilliant but needy children but who have completed Juniors High School and are not able to continue their education to the Senior High school due to finically difficulties.

2. The underprivileged children in rural areas.

3. The vulnerable women in the rural areas and their children.



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