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Mission Statement

Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, Won-by-One God Squad, and the learning center's mission is to connect caring adults to serve inner city youth and families by providing hope in a safe, nurturing enviornment, quality academic support, recreational activities and character building and leadership training to reach their highest potential. the program is designed to meet the needs of students who are most at risk of academic and social failure in their community. the long term goal for each child is the formation of a young person with life and leadership skills, educational and career aspirations, and the ability to learn independently, and dream big dreams.


For over 50 years, Teen Challenge has established centers in our nation's poorest metropolitan areas. These centers are ideally located to reach at-risk youth living in and around drug-infested and gang-related areas.

At Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in South Gate, CA our vision is to see each member of the family realize their God-given potential, recognize their ability to overcome environmental and psychological obstacles greatly improving their chances of success.

The hope for South Gate youth is for them to recognize their uniqueness, and individual worth which will aid in believing in themselves, thus enabling them to graduate from high school, pursue higher education, and learn to distinguish between right and wrong in the choices they make â€" educationally, socially/relationally, spiritually and psychologically. This in turn would be instrumental in decreasing gang involvement, drug use/abuse, teenage pregnancy, violence and criminal activity, halting the generational despair of children and relatives of prisoners, gang members and single parent households.

We minister holistically, to the social, spiritual, mental and physical needs of the individual by providing love, hope, and resources for counseling. We assist in providing food and clothing through donations from partnerships developed with community organizations.

Also, through developing relationships with local schools and churches, the City of South Gate, the Police Department, other community organizations, corporate sponsors and volunteers, we believe that the children, youth and families in the community in which we live and work will start to, and continue to, see the potential to reach higher heights, achieve their dreams and make a difference in the lives of their families for generations to come.

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