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Mission Statement

St. Edward’s University is an independent Catholic university that welcomes qualified students of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs and serves a culturally diverse student body.

The university’s undergraduate programs achieve a balance among the humanities, the sciences and the professions. These programs seek to make graduates competent in a chosen discipline and to help them understand and appreciate the contributions of other disciplines. Graduate and professional development programs prepare individuals to further their life goals and to take advantage of more challenging employment opportunities.

Graduates in all programs should be prepared, through training in critical and creative thinking as well as moral reasoning, to analyze problems, propose solutions and make responsible decisions. They should be able to express themselves articulately in both oral and written form. They are encouraged to develop an understanding of the human person that is derived from reason and open to faith.

The university promotes excellence in teaching and learning in an environment that encompasses the campus classroom, student life programs and the broader community. A caring faculty and staff, recognizing that learning is a lifelong process, teach the skills needed to be independent and productive. They encourage individuals to confront the critical issues of society and to seek justice and peace. Students are helped to understand themselves, clarify their personal values and recognize their responsibility to the world community. The university gives the example of its own commitment to service.

St. Edward’s was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, from which it acquired distinguishing characteristics: the courage to take risks, an international perspective and the commitment to provide educational opportunities for students of varied cultural, religious, educational and economic backgrounds.

St. Edward’s expresses its Catholic identity by communicating the dignity of the human person as created in the image of God, by stressing the obligation of all people to pursue a more just world and by providing opportunities for religious studies and participation in campus ministry. St. Edward’s seeks to provide an environment in which freely chosen beliefs can be deepened and expressed.


Statement ofPhilosophy: IntercollegiateAthletics

Athletic programs at St. Edward's University are based upon the concept of the student- athlete. Athletic programs are established and operated as a part of the fundamental educational mission of the university. Athletics participation is an integral part of the educational experience of the student-athlete.

Institutional control and responsibility for intercollegiate athletics is vested in the chief executive officer of the university. The athletics department will operate only within the compliance guidelines of the NCAA and the Heartland Conference. Participation in the internal governance of athletic programs shall be through the Athletic Council, the Compliance Committee, and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

The academic success of the student-athlete is a major objective of the athletic program. The admission, academic standing and academic progress of student-athletes shall be consistent with institutional policies and procedures for the student body.

St. Edward's University believes in the principles of amateur athletic competition. Athletic programs are designed to insure that participation is motivated primarily by education and the associated physical, mental and social benefits that can be derived by such participation. Athletic participation is a part of the broader scope of student activities available to enhance the educational experience of all students through either participation or as spectators.

Principles of honesty, fair play, and sportsmanship are vital components of the athletic program. The behavior of coaches and student athletes shall at all times be reflective of the belief that ethical conduct characterizes participation in intercollegiate athletics.

St. Edward's as an institution values cultural diversity and gender equity. Athletic programs shall reflect this commitment in terms of operating policies and procedures, behaviors of athletic staff, and student-athlete opportunities.

The health and safety of the student-athlete is of primary importance. Policies and procedures shall be followed that guarantee an environment conducive to the safe participation of each student-athlete.

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