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Mission Statement

This association is created and organized for benevolent purposes. The purposes for which it is organized are set forth in the Charter of the corporation filed with the State of Texas, and are as follows:

The association is created and organized as a benevolent non-profit corporation chartered solely for the purpose of

    1. To maintain the graves of early settlers of Williamson and Travis Counties, Texas, and their descendants who are buried in Pond Springs Cemetery of Williamson County, Texas. This maintenance includes, but is not limited to, all markers and memorials.
    2. To preserve, erect and maintain such fences and walkways as may be necessary to such care.
    3. To provide for the disposal of human remains (cremains) by dispersal only; such disposal to be in Pond Springs Cemetery of Williamson County, Texas, only by permission and under the direction of the association's officers and directors; reasonable donation to be determined per dispersal.
    4. To discover, through proper and established research methods, the identity of all persons buried in Pond Springs Cemetery whose markers have disappeared. Records of proof/preponderance of the evidence to be retained in the official files of the Pond Springs Historical Cemetery Association, Inc. (PSHCA).
    5. For the operation and upkeep of the cemetery grounds; as of the signing of this document, this is not a perpetual care cemetery.


This cemetery was deeded to the community in 1872, although burials happened here as early as 1860, and perhaps earlier. It stands as a snapshot of early Travis and Williamson County history. For many, this place holds the only evidence that they were ever born. It is confirmed that 231 known graves are here, and some feel it likely that there could be as many as twice that number. In addition to those mentioned on the Historical Marker, the cemetery also includes the remains of Thomas Anderson, proprieter of Anderson’s Mill; Thomas Hill Foster, whose father was a member of Terry’s Texas Rangers; distant relatives of Country Music legend Willie Nelson, and distant relatives of Manny Gault, a member of the "Posse of Six" that ambushed Bonnie and Clyde.

Although much preservation and restoration has occurred, there is still much more that needs to be done. It is very important to continue. We follow the guidance suggested by the Texas State Historical Commission, which states that every cemetery must have its own Association. Please join the Pond Springs Historic Cemetery Association and help us preserve the cemetery for the future.



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