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Mission Statement

Urban Farming intends to eradicate hunger by planting gardens on unused land and space while increasing diversity, motivating youth and seniors and optimizing the use of land for the production of food and alternative fuel.


Urban Farming plants edible gardens and supports existing edible gardens, at schools and those that are community based. We collaborate with other nonprofits, major corporations, school and city officials. It's really exciting, fun and gratifying!



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by Paul A. (2010-03-23 21:45:58.0)
Urban Farming has partnered with Triscuit (of Nabisco and Kraft) a corporate food production entity and product which uses palm oil (the planting of palm trees for palm oil is the biggest cause of deforestation in Indonesia and the world.) Is Triscuit-Nabisco-Kraft willing to adopt sustainable agricultural practices (organic methods, no palm oil, no GMOs, and small-scale, local production) along its entire supply chain? Perhaps Urban Farming should consider dropping its sponsor rather than diluting efforts to promote, teach, and popularize sustainable urban agriculture.
by Wendy E. (2009-01-06 13:48:17.0)
I responded to their posting for fundraising support in September 2008. It took some time for them to respond. When they did, I was passed on to different people before reaching the person handling grants. This person never responded after several attempts. I circled back with the people I had been in contact with initially. Long story short, they never got back to me so I didn't volunteer. It was insulting and annoying that they claimed to have a community need yet do not take the time to respond to someone qualified and willing to help.