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Mission Statement

The Mission...
In today's global society, in order to maintain the welfare, peace and prosperity for ourselves and future generations, we must establish relationships which foster a healthy interchange of ideas, values and commerce between world communities. These relationships, established across geographic, political and cultural lines, produce exciting results as they enhance understanding, perception and tolerance. They must be built on mutural trust as well as the commitment to shared goals and the result will be an expansion of economic, social and personal opportunities.
There is no better way for these relationships to flourish than through personal contact and learning, whether in a classroom, an office or a home where issues, ideas and viewpoints can be expressed with openness and respect.


World American Cultural Exchanges(WACE), Non-Profit Organization offers programs as the following
A uique program for younger chidren to provides an opportunity for youngtsters to become familiar with a country other than their own.
II.American Discovery/China Discovery
High school students travel to America/China, with adult escorts, for an exciting, one month( more or less ) program to improve their language skills and cultural awareness, to form life-time friendships and etc.
III.Mission America/China
Students from China/America have the inspiring opportunity to attend an American/China high school for either a five-month, one semester program, or for a ten-month, school year program. Students live with an American/Chinese host family and have a unique chance to become part of American/Chinese family life and culture while gaining an outstanding eduction experience.
With the WACE Sister School Program, schools from China and the U.S. form a cooperative parnership providing exciting, community based sharing and built around clear academic goals.
V.Ameircan/China Expo
WACE offers both young people and career professionals the opportunity to further their own career development through the new "job shadowing" program that provides more first-hand experience than any other.
WACE is proud to represent the universities in both the United States and China. Students can choose the school from both countries for the high quality education.
PacifiCom is a program designed specifically for business people, managers, entrepreneurs and executives who with to establish or increase their contacts with the American/Chinese businesss community.
This program offers a truly unique and exciting opportunity to go beyond the experience of the usual tourist and explore the everyday culture of America/China. In addition, you will have the chance to meet and make friends with many people in communities around the country.
In association with the organizations of both the US and China, WACE has developed this program for artists, performers, athletes,exhibitors and etc. who have established the professionalism but not necessarily well known on the international scene.
XI.ESL China/CSL America
WACE offers a certificate training program for Teachers of English as a Second Language in China, and offers a certificate training program for Teachers of Chinese as a Second Language in America.
Teachers and insturctors from the schools of the US and China visit comparable schools in China and the US to participate in an exchange program involving professional practices and curriculum development.
All programs provided by WACE could be customized.



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