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Mission Statement

FACTNet's Mission FACTNet's name is an acronym that means Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. We are composed of a global network of former cult members and professionals who assist victims of cults, mind control, psychological coercion and fundamentalism. FACTNet's mission is to protect the most universal and basic constitutional freedom, the single freedom that is an essential prerequisite to the meaningful exercise of all of our other freedoms --- freedom of mind! Factnet focuses on protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by all forms of mind control and unethical influence.

In its earlier years (1993-2001) FACTNet focused on mind control and unethical influence as was commonly found in destructive cults. In 2002 it has expanded its mission to also cover mind control and unethical influence as found in governments, corporations, social organizations, advertising/marketing, political organizations, the military and family groups.

Since 1993 in human rights abuse, FACTNet has been to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion and torture what Amnesty International has been in human rights abuse to physical torture. Freedom of Mind

FACTNet views freedom of mind, otherwise known as freedom of thought or free will, as the elemental prerequisite that underlies all other human rights and freedoms, freedoms such as freedom of religion and free speech. Freedom of mind does not imply a right to absolute freedom of behavior, but rather to absolute freedom of belief. It is the freedom:

  • to observe and consider the world with as objective an eye as possible,

  • to think and analyze rationally, and

  • to formulate our beliefs -- and so our lives -- by exercising the measure of autonomy that we have been given.

Without free will, no religious, political, or social freedom has meaning.

Protecting freedom of mind is FACTNet's core function.

Freedom of mind is not only important on an individual level, but also on a societal scale. Rationality is critical to a democracy in which the participation and engagement of a society's free-thinking citizens is the very life of the society. Freedom of mind is society's tool to solve problems rationally and create a positive future for its citizens. FACTNet's mission to protect individuals' free will is also an effort to assist the working of participatory democracy.

Mind Control

Mind control is psychological coercion. Mind control techniques stifle individuals' ability to think independently and rationally. For individuals under the influence of mind control, freedom of religion, free speech, and other freedoms of expression which derive from free thought, are literally impossible. Without freedom of thought, all our freedoms become enfeebled or meaningless.

On a societal level, unless a society protects foundational freedom of mind from interference by the unethical tactics of mind control, it loses its very means for problem-solving and improvement. Free speech, especially in a forum for open debate, defines the forward movement of a democracy. FACTNet holds that both on and off the Internet, free speech is critical to improving and protecting humankind's future. The necessity for free speech in a democracy is eloquently expressed by John Stewart Mill in the second chapter of his essay, "On Liberty."

As part of its mission, FACTNet ascribes to the declaration put forth by the United Nations regarding freedom of belief, called the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief.

FACTNet, Freedom of Mind, and Mind Control

FACTNet's mission and commitment is to protect the exercise of freedom of mind by educating on the importance of this freedom, and on forces that threaten to diminish or destroy it, particularly the threat of mind control as employed by cults. FACTNet is also committed to assisting people whose freedom of mind has been compromised, by providing references to professionals who can help them restore their autonomy and freedom.


How We Accomplish Our Mission

  1. We educate on the importance of freedom of mind, on all aspects of mind control, and on those who use mind control techniques.

  2. We provide references to professionals who specialize in mind control and cults.

  3. We utilize state-of-the-art electronic information management and transfer to make our educational materials accessible worldwide.

  4. We help protect freedom of mind, the exercise of free will, through all available legal channels.

Those We Serve
  1. Victims of destructive groups that use mind control, and their family and loved ones, obtain information that helps them understand what happened. They find resource connections to help them formulate a plan of action for the challenging recovery process.

  2. Mental health professionals and clergy obtain the information and resource connections they need to help victims, families, and loved ones, and to network among themselves.

  3. Attorneys and government agencies obtain the information and resource connections they need to prosecute individuals and groups who have seriously damaged people or otherwise broken the law. Civil and criminal investigations can be researched inexpensively.

  4. Journalists and educators obtain the information and resource connections they need to expose abuses, develop preventive educational programs, and provide accurate well-rounded descriptions of this area of human rights abuse.

  5. Victims' rights advocates and other anti-abuse organizations access the information and resource connections they need to defend against malicious legal and other harassment that destructive groups using mind control often employ in attempts to silence those they perceive as opponents.

    For a deeper understanding of the principles, values, policy guidelines, and goals of FACTNet, see our FACTPack.



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