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Mission Statement

For every child in the community to stay drug free, out of the legal system, excel in school, and to help each child grow into happy, healthy, stable young adult.


The Tender Bridge has been reaching out to 'at-risk' children in East Baltimore since 2003. Beginning in March of 2007, we opened a new chapter of the program in West Philadelphia. Our target age group is 8 to 13 year-olds. At this age when they are becoming independent and finding an identity for themselves, a little extra guidance can make a huge difference. Our non affiliated, non religious organization connects them with the existing programs and activities already available in their community. We supply the information, funds, transportation, and most importantly the emotional support to enable our kids to bridge the gap to these existing services, and to succeed in their efforts. By supporting children in sports and activities they enjoy, we give them the attention, encouragement, and self-confidence they need to succeed. They learn the pride and self-esteem that comes from success in these activities. These lessons serve as their models not just for success in school, but for success in all of life's challenges. Sports/activities we'll be sponsoring this year may include: Baseball, Football, Fencing, Rowing/Sailing, Horseback Riding/Polo, Swimming, Lacrosse, Golf, Ice-Hockey, or any other activity that we can get at least a handfull of kids interested in. The goal is to provide complete financial sponsorship for each child in these activities, to tear down any economic barrier that may have precluded interest in the past. We emphasize children's participation in "non-traditional" sports as a way to make their world a bigger place than their block or corner.



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