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Mission Statement

The Veritas mission is to serve the church worldwide with integrated theological training at the grassroots, diploma and graduate degree levels. Our intentional strategy and purpose is to train the church with biblical studies that have a built-in multiplication factor, focusing on the church that is persecuted, oppressed, and/or lacking resources. We believe in the infallible Word of God, inerrant and holy. We specialize in equipping church leaders with the skills to interpret, apply, and minister the Word of God within their cultural context. Our calling is dedicated to training God’s people to rightly divide the word of truth, with the result of bringing about a full engagement of God’s truth into the whole life of the believer. We go to where the need is, rather than removing leadership from their communities for long, and often expensive training. Our vision is to see God use our training within the local church to help leaders and believers understand and apply the principles of the Christian faith more effectively.

Over the past 21 years, VCI has been working internationally in over 30 countries, in areas where there is a need for practical, effective biblical training and/or where time or resources are limited. Worldwide VCI held 1,098 classes in 2011/2012 with 14,053 module units completed at the grassroots level. VCI has 62 full time staff and 20 part time, and 520 volunteers globally.


The purpose of our ministry is to equip and qualify leaders for the growing church so they can present the Word of God in all its truth, power and glory. By taking the training to the various locations, some of which are off the normal missionary map, we are finding hungry hearts for the Word of God and opportunities to help God’s people apply it to their situations. Rather than investing in a few who can travel abroad for basic or extended biblical training, we are going to the field, using our proven curriculum, and finding that God is raising up new and younger leaders for the challenges of evangelism and church planting. This is also much more efficient than sending someone away for four years of training in the hopes that they will return to their home districts. The multiplication factor is enhanced because we can train facilitators who then are equipped to share what they have learned. The excitement is that many are finding their calling to leadership because our training sessions offer the opportunity to duplicate what they have learned.

We are continuing our training globally and multi-culturally because we firmly believe that the standard practices of preparation for ministry are lagging behind the great need in the church. Moving to a more indigenous method of training eliminates time and expenses which are normally spent on more rigid training strategies. This increases the output of qualified and called individuals to do ministry. Veritas works alongside a variety of church denominations and has been very successful in bringing them together to study the Word of God, which fosters new fellowships with renewed determination to expand Christ’s kingdom.



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