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Mission Statement

Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm, is made up of volunteers working toward the goal of building a better community and a better world.

Often the hummingbird is used to describe a beautiful symbiosis, it is fed while it feeds. This is our model and final goal within the community and beyond.

Missions: 1) Ethical and symbiotic relationship of life 2) Education to all those who consider us community on how to treat life ethically and symbiotically 3) Strive to keep a balance of symbiosis with the community; however, NEVER bend ethically


Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm, a nonprofit corporation, is made up of staff and volunteers from the Silicon Valley working toward building a better community and a better world. The goal of Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm is to educate the community on food and how it can be better produced.

What food looks like as it grows, is a surprise and delight to many people who have never had a chance to experience it before. For those more advanced, lessons on companion planting (ie planting chives among grapes) can be an eye opener. Everyone who comes to the Farm takes away something that will help them make better choices in the food that they eat and the way that they live.

The Farm’s focus is on biodynamic farming and sustainability; being organic, minimizing waste, and coming full circle. For example, composted chicken manure is used in the Farm’s garden, and coming full circle, garden scraps are used to feed the chickens.


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