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Mission Statement

Auburn Crest Hospice strives to achieve excellence in its set objectives:

  • Excellent physical care and relief of pain and other symptoms during illness without great mental or physical incapacitation.
  • Ongoing emotional support of patients and family caregivers throughout illness.
  • Support of the patient’s participation as an active family member by executing his/her end-of-life plan.
  • Assistance to the patient and the family in working through the grieving process and other issues involved in serious illness, changes in lifestyle and loss.
  • Assistance with the family’s healthy resolution of bereavement issues up to a year or more after the death of the patient as needed.
  • Participation in an ongoing community effort toward hospice education programs that can be made available to the families, friends and neighbors of our community.


We are a compassionate hospice team that is launching its services in the Northern Colorado corridor.

You need not have any experience in the medical--just a genuine love and concern for the elderly and the frail.

We prepare you for your rold with free orientation/training so that you can be the best help in your role as possible.

Here are some ideas of how you can be fulfilled as a volunteer:

1. BE A FRIEND! There is nothing like being a friend to someone who needs one. This is the most basic qualification you can have. You do NOT need to have ANY talents or skills--just a willing heart!

2. KNOW THAT YOU'RE GREATLY HELPING MANY PEOPLE. As a volunteer for Auburn Crest Hospice, consider yourself as part of our critically important hospice team. Every hour you spend with our patients helps us to serve them better.

And...you not only help a patient at their most vulnerable season in life. You are an immense support to that patient's family. And if the patient doesn't have a family, how wonderful it is to make them feel like they have one--in YOU!

If you happen to have special talents or interests, that just bolsters our efforts to bring our patients a more rewarding quality of life. Here are some ways in which you can bring your interests and skills to help the people we serve:

  • Someone to read to our patients. Books, news or sports articles, religious or inspirational writings, poetry, you name it...Whatever comforts our patients is what's the most important to us.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Pet therapy.
  • Music or art therapy.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Lotion therapy.
  • Prayer support (from all varieties of faiths)
  • Are you a veteren? Our patients who served in the military always appreciate social times with those who've also served their country in that way.
  • Maybe you knit or make quilts. There is nothing like warming a patient with your own handmade work.
  • The sky is the limit! If you can think of other ways to help, we are open to them all.

Call today to set up an appointment. It might not only change the lives of our patients and their family members, but your own!


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