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Mission Statement

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected Beagles so that they can find permanent, loving homes. We are the only nonprofit organization in Florida dedicated exclusively to rescuing Beagles.



    • To rescue abandoned and abused Beagles from shelters.
    • To rehabilitate and care for the Beagles until they can be adopted into permanent, loving homes.
    • To help Beagle owners understand how to train and care for a rescued beagle and to prevent common behavior problems.
    • To reduce pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering all Beagles prior to adoption.

Vision Statement

All Beagles in our care will live in a safe, nurturing environment. They will be happy, playful and energetic. We will provide important medical care (including shots, worming, heartworm testing/treatment and other necessary procedures) to ensure that the Beagles are healthy. We will also provide comprehensive rehabilitation for severely neglected / abused Beagles so that they can learn to trust and love people.

When they are ready, the Beagles will be placed in loving, permanent homes. We will make a special effort to place Beagles with special needs (including older Beagles or those with on-going medical problems) into good homes. We will also try to ensure that foster families and adoptive families will be very satisfied with their experiences with us so that they will gladly refer friends and families to our organization.

Value Statement

    • We are dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for all the Beagles in our care. We believe that rescued Beagles can be rehabilitated. With appropriate training, socialization, and medical care, they will be loving, loyal companion animals.
    • We know that collaboration with community organizations, including animal shelters, Humane Societies, and other animal welfare groups is critical to our long-term success.
    • We base our decisions on knowledge of the Beagle breed and our experiences working with rescued Beagles. We make every effort to match beagles to appropriate homes based on age, personality and needs of the individual dog.
    • We have high expectations of ourselves, our volunteers, and our foster families.
      • All of our volunteers (including fosters) will be knowledgeable about Beagles and about our organization.
      • We will treat animals and people with kindness and respect.
      • We will be helpful, reliable and professional in all our dealings.
    • By working together, we know that we can save animals that might not otherwise find good homes.

Short and Long Term Goals

    • To purchase property and establish a suitable facility to house at least 20 beagles, including separate space for sick and injured Beagles.
    • To develop and maintain funds for medical care, routine care and facility maintenance.
    • To spay/neuter and microchip all dogs prior to adoption.
    • To increase our capacity to positively impact animals by:
      • Adopting at least 10 dogs per month into permanent, loving homes.
      • Targeting hard-to-adopt dogs, including senior dogs and those with special needs.
      • Increasing the community's awareness of our organization.
      • Building our network of volunteers and foster homes.
    • To build long-term relationships with foster families, adoptive families and community organizations.

History of our Organization
In 1999, Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue began as a simple effort when Betty Roberts, the founder and former president, helped a single Beagle in need. Over the next few years, she began to help rehome stray and abandoned Beagles with the help of one or two volunteers. In 2003, a group of volunteers made a commitment to saving Beagles and organized the group into a nonprofit organization. By working together, we began to impact more Beagles, increasing our adoptions from 54 beagles in 2003 to 152 beagles in 2006!!! Our volunteers are in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Polk counties ... and we foster dogs from Gainesville to Palm Beach! Our Beagles have been adopted by families in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Palm Beach and throughout the Tampa Bay area. We are continually striving to help more Beagles, but we need the help of dedicated volunteers and foster homes to accomplish our goals!



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