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Mission Statement

Welcome Baby strives to strengthen families with young children, ages birth to 5 years, by providing accurate child development information and emotional and practical support. Current research confirms that supportive family life is the greatest factor for a child’s success in school.


  • Talk of families. Parenting is not for mothers only. All a child’s caregivers should feel welcome to participate in Welcome Baby programs. Only the family is able to define itself: single parent homes, grandparent led homes, same-sex couples, etc. are all families that are welcome and treated equally in our program.

  • Parenting is challenging for everyone.Caring for children is a difficult job with constant new situations to learn about. We do not limit participation in our program based upon "risk factors" (age of parent, income, etc.). We trust that families will choose the pieces of our program that are most beneficial to them.

  • Families are the experts.Families know best what may or may not work for them and what matches their personal beliefs about parenting. It is the responsibility of the WB staff to offer accurate information about child development and to suggest and possible solutions to their current challenge. The WB representative should always ask about what the family has already tried and try to understand their frustration and how they would like to see the family function.

  • Spanking: As a program, WB does not support the spanking of children since it teaches children to use violence to solve problems and spanking done in anger can be dangerous. If a family is discussing the issue of spanking with a staff member, do not try to persuade the family to stop spanking, this effort often pushes the family away. Instead, assist the family (if they are interested) in developing better proactive parenting and prevention skills so that the need to discipline will be less. The WB office is a no-hitting territory and an adult should be told this fact if they are hitting or spanking a child in our office.

  • Child Abuse Reporting: In North Carolina all residents are mandated by law to report any suspicion of child abuse and neglect. If your interaction with a family is through WB, then the situation should be discussed with the Program Coordinator before a report is made (unless the child is in imminent danger).


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by Adrian A. from NC (2016-01-04 12:06:19.0)
They were very flexible with scheduling, kind, communication was smooth, and requests were reasonable with manageable time frames.