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Mission Statement

The mission of Main Street Portage, Inc. is to revitalize and maintain the historic downtown as a source of community pride and make it an enjoyable place to shop, live, work, play, and socialize.


Welcome to Main Street Portage, Incorporated! Main Street Portage, Incorporated is a not-for-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to strengthening downtown businesses, creating an inviting physical environment and attracting residents and visitors to historic downtown Portage.
As a volunteer, you will be helping us meet our mission, vision and goals. We hope to make your experience with us fulfilling, and most of all, FUN! Thank you for your time and commitment. You will, I'm sure, benefit from your time with us.

MSP Committees remain the mechanism by which the organization's Mission as well as contracted BID services is achieved. Each committee is led by a Committee Chair (and in some cases, Co-Chairs) who is tasked with the overall leadership of the committee and its projects as well as submitting committee updates at the monthly MSP Board meeting. Committee projects are planned between June and July for the proceeding year. For instance, projects that are to take place in 2009, will be planned for in June/July of 2008.

Annual committee projects adhere to a general workplan that maintains assigned budget, goals, and objectives. Workplan projects are then broken down by tasks and tracked throughout the year. For each project, the Chair will assign Project Leaders (PL) as well as committee members. The PL is responsible for the general oversight of the project, delegating tasks to committee members, and presenting updates to the committee.

Design Committee

Provide design education and

technical assistance

Develop financial assistance and


Plan public improvements

Provide design regulation and

r eview

Promotion Committee
Develop a marketing strategy

Enhance district's image

Provide assistance at retail events

Develop special events

Organization Committee

Promote program to stakeholders

and the community

Manage staff and volunteers

Raise money for activities and


Manage the program's finances

Economic Restructuring

Collect data about district

businesses and markets

Develop property

Create incentives for

business/property development



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