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Mission Statement

The mission is a simple one, but we believe to be an important one. It’s simply to educate people on the importance of Skilled Trades in America. The name of this campaign, if you will, is a simple equation that makes a whole lot of sense: Skilled Trades=America. There wouldn’t be an America if it weren’t for them and there won’t be an America much longer if they disappear. We raise money for trade school scholarships for those willing to 'learn a skill and master a trade'.


At Skilled Trades=America we have 2 main focuses: To educate and to fundraise. We have raised money and donated to a charitable Foundation that awards scholarships to students wishing to pursue a trade. We have raised over $2500 to date through our efforts. The Foundation has awarded over a million dollars worth of scholarships to date and continue to award even more this year alone.



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by J G. (2014-03-14 12:29:03.0)
They're doing great things raising money for scholarships. They are awesome! I'd volunteer with them again in a heart beat!