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Mission Statement


To ensure that services are available to promote and protect the health and well being of pregnant women and children from birth to three years of age.


  • Reduce Infant Mortality

  • Reduce the Number of Low Birth Weight Babies

  • Improve Health & Developmental Outcomes


Healthy Start is a State mandated program designed to decrease the risk of pregnancy complications and poor birth outcomes for all pregnant women, and to decrease the risk of death and impairment in the health, intellect or functional ability of all infants. In 1991, the Florida Legislature introduced Healthy Start services across the state. This program is designed to identify pregnant women who are at risk for poor birth outcomes, or infants who are at risk for infant mortality or morbidity. Once identified, appropriate services are then offered to these families. This program of non-medical intervention is completely voluntary and is FREE to those who have been identified as having risk factors through the use of the Healthy Start Prenatal and Postnatal Screens. The Healthy Start Prenatal Screen is given to the pregnant woman by the prenatal health care provider and the Healthy Start Postnatal (Infant) Screen is given to the newborn infant at the hospital.

If a patient scores a 4 or more on the Healthy Start Screen, is referred by her doctor or healthcare provider, or contacts us directly as a "self referral," she is then eligible to accept Healthy Start Services. Once a patient is referred into Healthy Start, a Healthy Start Care Coordinator will contact the patient to set up an appointment, and an assessment is done to determine the ongoing plan of care that is needed.

The Broward Healthy Start Coalition delivers services through home visits that are intended to supplement and enhance, not replace, the care that pregnant women and infants receive from their medical providers.



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