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Mission Statement

To offer every person a guideline for empowered living and a joyful life by engaging the power of free will choice.


The Freedom Through Choice Foundation (FTCF) is a nonprofit 501c organization dedicated to assisting all people in engaging their inherent personal power in all aspects of their lives. What do we mean by personal power? Personal power is the mastery over all aspects of our own being- our physical body, our emotional body and our mental body (both conscious and unconscious). We believe that each of us has this ability of mastery, and all we really need to do is to make the choice to exercise it. It sounds simple; however, that ability is often not realized, explored or expressed. We are often not really engaging free will choices in our thoughts and our actions.

We have thought patterns that are running in our unconscious mind that have been driving our thoughts and behaviors. These unconscious patterns show up everywhere- in our self-image, in our relationships, and what we perceive in the world around us. These unconscious patterns are constantly running, with little or no evaluation of their relevance to who we actually are, or what we actually believe. They are beliefs about ourselves and our world around us that were formed when we were merely children, or habits formed later in life. Some of these beliefs serve us well, but many do not. But whatever or whenever their origins, the non-constructive patterns can be unlearned, and new, more self-actualizing choices can be made.

While we are a non-religious and egalitarian organization, the Spiritual nature of our being is always at the core of our offerings. We believe that each of us has a direct connection to our spiritual source. It doesn’t matter what you name that spiritual source...God, Allah, Jehovah, your Higher Self. For simplicity and inclusiveness, we call that center Source. It is from that place we generate our new choices and our new ways of being. It is from this place we begin our process of mastery, and exercise our greatest gift of free will. The mastery we speak of is one of peaceful integration and synocratic governance of all aspects of ourselves- our spiritual, our mental, our emotional and our physical aspects.

Our Offerings

The FTCF offers programs that are geared to self-empowerment and practical spirituality. We offer choices that can assist in releasing thought patterns that may be stuck and out of balance, and allowing free will choices to manifest that are empowering and reflecting our true nature. When our thought patterns change, so does our reality. Our reality can be as creative, liberating and self-fulfilling as we choose.



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