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Mission Statement

Promote education equity in China through quality resources and sustained participation.

The mission of Dream Corps is to improve the learning and developing environment for underprivileged children in China and to foster their dreams, so that their lives are not held hostage to existing economic, educational, and technological divides.


Feeling the acute limitations of intellectual life/academia and knowing we want to live up to our social responsibility, we developed the idea of volunteering at elementary and middle schools in rural China.

Every child is entitled to a dream. We know that being able to dream has carried us this far in our lives.

In a position to offer others what we were once provided, we want to make a difference in their lives.

Being Chinese in foreign countries, we are strongly connected with China, concerned with China's future, and compelled to contribute in concrete ways. We are striving to create a channel for thousands of Chinese like us to make their contributions and to turn their dreams of a prosperous China into a reality.


We envision that one day, as many children in China as possible will be able to realize their dreams for a meaningful future. At the same time, privileged youths will develop a greater sense of social responsibility by engaging in constructive activities that bring them closer to their peers in rural China.

Core Values

  • We believe that every human being is entitled to the opportunity to achieve a quality standard of living.
  • As members of the global community, we share the responsibility to do everything within our abilities to ensure and promote equitable opportunities for each individual.
  • Through bridging the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged, we advance towards a more sustainable, equitable, and harmonious society.


  • Building libraries
    • provides underprivileged children with access to books and information, which constitute the gateway to knowledge
    • creates a public space for local residents to foster participation in education and community-building activities
  • Computer training
    • enhances the information technology literacy of underprivileged communities
  • Seedling Fund
    • provides financial resources toward education for families with economic difficulties
  • Mobilizing volunteers
    • channels volunteers' committed passion for social development toward producing tangible improvements in underprivileged communities
    • fosters a greater sense of social responsibility through open-minded interaction

Our Slogan

Compassion, Participation, Excellence



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