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Meorot Beit Yaakov

Mission Statement

Bet Yaakov Ohr Sarah

Bet Yaakov Ohr Sarah was founded as Meorot Beit Yaakov by Rabbi Moshe Simantov, zt"l, with the vision to build an educational institution for girls that would cater to each individual student. Over the sixteen years of its existence, our school has grown to include a preschool, elementary and high school. It is our goal to provide a rigorous Judaic and secular studies education, with an emphasis on cultivating the whole child, with confidence and character development. Through our superior educational programs, we provide our students with the tools they need to achieve success in their academic and professional endeavors. Our mission is to transmit education through warmth, with joy, and with love.

We at Bet Yaakov Ohr Sarah are committed to recognizing and developing the potential inherent in each individual student. Within our stimulating educational environment, we pride ourselves on helping every child maximize their potential. We offer enrichment to challenge the gifted student, and resource room, P-3, speech and occupational services to support the struggling student. Throughout each day, our students engage in activities designed to develop skills for independent learning and to extend their abilities to think and express themselves creatively and critically.

As we aim to prepare our girls with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a higher education, our students excel on the elementary and high school level state tests given in math, science, social studies and language arts. We offer superior computer classes which provide our girls with valuable marketable skills. Basic to our Judaic curriculum is the development of independent study and analysis, offering our students an advantage should they choose to pursue Jewish education as a profession. In preparation for graduation, we explore various post high school educational and career options with each one of our students as we prepare them to face a competitive world with poise and confidence.

While maintaining scrupulous standards of academic performance, our devoted staff members promote intellectual, moral, and emotional growth. At Ohr Sarah we are concerned not only with the academic performance of the student, but with the totality of each child. We nurture the self esteem of each one of our girls while developing the social and emotional skills they will need to assume productive roles in the community. In preparation for a lifetime of giving as future wives, mothers, and active members of our community, our girls volunteer for various programs and participate in a variety of community projects. Students are involved in numerous extra-curricular activities, and G.O. is an exciting component of the Ohr Sarah experience. Our class performances, stimulating science and social studies fairs, and other events foster the process of intellectual discovery while giving each girl creative expression for her talents and strengths. To ensure the success of every student entrusted to us, Ohr Sarah encourages the parent body to engage in active partnership in the education of their daughters. The school welcomes an open communication between administration, faculty, parents and students. A range of opportunities are provided for parents to get involved and enjoy the dividends!

It is in this manner that we can strive to develop the potential latent in each individual student, and to celebrate the actualization of that potential, one girl at a time.


Bet Yaakov Ohr Sarah aka Meorot Beit Yaakov


Bet Yaakov Ohr Sara is a private girl’s school, established in 1997. It is located in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It offers an extensive Judaic and Secular Studies Curriculum for Grades Nursery - 12. Currently the student body consists of 314 students.

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