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Mission Statement


Project by Project is a 501(c)3 national volunteer organization of social entrepreneurs focusing on issues relating to the Asian American community by raising public awareness, volunteerism and capital.


PbP selects a different theme to champion from year to year. Local chapters select a community-based organization that is focused on issues within that theme and tailors a year-long campaign to help its fundraising, community outreach and public awareness efforts.

PbP believes effecting change requires more than a good heart. Each campaign therefore incorporates multiple fundraising components where we seek to channel new capital to our partners' efforts.

Community Outreach
As part of our mission, we seek to reach out to the community at large to effect change in the most efficient manner possible. Therefore we tailor our service projects to enable all members of the community to get involved as their time, skills, and interest permit. Projects are designed in cooperation with our partner, usually in direct response to a community need, and range from discrete one-day activities to ongoing service commitments.

Public Awareness
We believe that change starts with the individual. To this end, initiatives targeted at raising public awareness of important social issues play a prominent role in the success of our campaigns.


PbP works with our partner to customize each campaign according to their needs. PbP then mobilizes its diverse network of public, private and community resources to achieve these goals. Past efforts have included resume-writing workshops, tutorials for immigrant children, community town hall meetings, and parent-child activities to enhance community connectedness. Our annual signature fundraising event is Plate by Plate our Annual Tasting Benefit, featuring star chefs, top rated restaurants and beverages from around the world. 100% of the net proceeds raised from Plate by Plate are remitted to our partner organization.



Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in New York City in 1998 by a group of young Asian American professionals. The founders surveyed the non-profit landscape and noticed a recurring need in the Asian American community--organizations were spending so much time on fulfilling its missions and executing programs that they were unable to pay enough attention to the business of being a non-profit. The founders of PbP realized that what the community needed was social entrepreneurs, and that is what they sought out to build.

Comprised of a team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, consulting, technology, media, entertainment and law, PbP's founding team felt it could play a strong role in assisting community groups in securing capital, reaching out to new groups of volunteers and bringing greater awareness to issues affecting the Asian American community. Based on those principals, PbP created its campaigns around a 3-pronged mission that is still in practice today: Volunteerism, Awareness, and Fundraising.

Building upon those principles and looking to impact as many causes as possible as it expands, PbP created a method of taking on a different local beneficiary community partner every year, touching on a different issue each year. This method of focusing on one issue at a time for a period of a year allows PbP to work in-depth with the partner and thoroughly educate its volunteers on the cause.

Our signature event is "Plate by Plate," our annual tasting benefit, formerly the "Food & Wine Tasting." We are the only Asian American non-profit organization in the country that produces a large-scale food tasting event with star chefs, top rated restaurants and celebrities who participate by serving dishes to our attendees.

Expanding from its New York roots, PbP welcomed its Southern California chapter in 2001, and now the San Francisco/Bay Area chapter in 2009. PbP thrives with the support of a diverse pool of more than 1500 volunteers nationwide. As PbP continues to grow through the support of the community, we are proud to have a part in cultivating a new generation of social entrepreneurs.



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