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Mission Statement

Assist women and children in accessing clean water closer to their homes

Educating communities on who is responsible for water management and how to influence change
Educating communities about new cost effective tools available for water and sanitation: Cleaning, Preservation & Procurement
Capacity building training
Evaluation of WASH program success
Economic development


Water scarcity is a great threat to development because it affects human health, food security, and the natural environment. Water Empowerment aims to empower communities lacking water by offering long term solutions: education about water laws and education about what other communities in similar dilemmas are doing to lessen the effects of water scarcity.We are dependent on grassroots assistance to get the imformation out to communities with little resources. We also depend on the grassroots movement to educate us on cheap methods for conserving water, cleaning water supplies or better sanitation options and methods to improve economic development in the service areas.



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by Katherine H. (2014-10-04 17:17:49.0)
Great opportunity to create a variety of graphic designs!