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Mission Statement

The mission of American Culture Council is to be one of the country’s leading providers of information about the rich history of America’s Founders and Founding Documents, and educate US residents as to how this knowledge will guide a person towards living as Americans, thereby creating the American culture.

We disseminate the American Culture Information by producing various products and events, presentations, and promotions that showcase the American culture; whether in politics, through faith-based endeavors, through business, service in the United States Military, within all levels of academia, and the American family.

American Culture Council seeks to develop the most creative, innovative educational experiences, productions, and presentations for all who reside in the United States of America.


At this time, the main project of American Culture Council, Inc. is conducted through our partnerships with The Home Depot Stores and with San Diego Habitat For Humanity.

Together, we refurbish homes of Veterans, or the home of a Veteran's family member, should the Veteran reside with them.

Our projects are reminiscent of the projects our forefathers performed as they were creating our nation.

We liken the Veteran Home Improvement Project to the Great Westward Expansion where pioneers and settlers had to build each other's homes and barns. This was necessary because the population was so sparse in those regions which were being newly settled.
Through these efforts, towns and farms were created, and businesses arose, and families moved to the region.
With the arrival of families, schools and churches were then added to the buildings the townspeople built.
This is how America was built - by its people, for its people.

This speaks of the typical American spirit - independent, self-reliant, and always ready to help a neighbor.

When I give this explanation to younger people about why our nonprofit does what it does, their 1st question is: "What's the Great Westward Expansion?"

It's disheartening to know that this part of our American history is no longer taught in schools. It makes me wonder what else is not taught in schools about our unique American history.

So, through this project, we are helping Veterans who need and deserve help, and we're teaching something about our American history and culture at the same time.



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