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Mission Statement

"We must show our support to President Bush who vowed three years ago that the genocide in Darfur would not happen on his watch." Rabbi Alan Lachtman stated, "We have to stand up and say 'no' to the rampant death and violence. We must call upon our religious, cultural and social conscience to not stand idly by while our brothers and sisters bleed."

Fighting has been going on in the Darfur area of Sudan for several years and has spread to neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic. Besides an estimated 400,000 killed, almost daily women are being raped when searching for firewood to cook with while millions have been driven from their homes and their villages.




TBD is part of the larger campaigns led by Jewish
World Watch which have been asking congregations of all faiths - to come and sign letters requesting help from federal officials and members of Congress. More than 500 postcards addressed to President
Bush have already been signed and mailed. We are also actively raising money for solar cookers for Darfur.

We will be carrying posters and distributing postcards at many locations for an information and postcard-writing campaign to the UN. Postcards are from Jewish World Watch. Suggestions for slogans are "END THE GENOCIDE IN DARFUR!!," "Not on Our Watch," "Do Not Stand Idly By," "Save Darfur."


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