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Mission Statement

Connecting the world via Internet Communication & Prayer for Service..."Passing the Christian Truth of the Holy Bible and Prayer to the Next Generation."


This shall be done via connecting people, organizations, non-profits, charities, businesses, governments, corporations...connecting bricks with bricks...and ChatwithGod.org Ministries is the mortar that is the connecting vehicle via the Internet & Prayer.

1) Global Online "Prayer Request" Site

2) Global recipent of Prayer Requests Weekly

3) "Global Service Directory"- listing website & purpose of charities, non-profits, to missionaries "For the greater good." Bricks to Bricks...our ministry is the mortar the connects individuals and individual institutions for greater effectiveness to serve.

4) Our Free Internet Library at "Free pdf e-Books & Power Point Presentations": Free Christian Material offered on loan by our Authors in e-Books, PowerPt Presentations, brochures, etc. (please do not sell...)

5) Free "Global Journey Photography"- be inspired by God's beauty

6) Tell a Friend...

7) Donate online and we can convert our English & Spanish Books along with Bibles and donate them to Prisons, Leadership, homeless, Charities. Also support mission projects and missionaries.

In first 5 years of service, we have been volunteer driven!

Thank you for volunteering to over 500+ volunteers a year! Service Makes a difference!



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by Jennifer W. from Costa Mesa, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-09-03 15:55:03.0)
I love serving with ChatwithGod.org Ministry because never is any day the same. I am challenged to administrate a new project every day. There are endless amounts of volunteers and great ideas. I love the internet, email, blog, facebook, etc. because it has advanced communication to a whole new level. And other than paying for the initial software which we can use at any library, we can all serve. I love you all...thanks for making my life more meaningful and vibrant!-Just Jen