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Mission Statement

Mehaber is a 501 c(3) not-for-profit, non-political organization dedicated to serving as a portal for providing visibility and financial support to legitimate charitable/philanthropic organizations serving towards improving the lives of disadvantaged men, women, and children world-wide.

The Mehaber website, www.mehaber.com, is a unique concept in that it is designed to serve the following three purposes:

1) To serve as a platform for providing visibility to legitimate charitable /philanthropic organizations working towards improving the lives of disadvantaged men, woman and children worldwide - These are displayed on the Charitable/ Philanthropic Partners page.
2) Encourage corporate giving to the charitable causes on the Mehaber website by providing an incentive of having their respective corporate/organization logo and information displayed on the Corporate Sponsors page in appreciation of their financial support..

3) Completely free access for all site visitors to the Mehaber forum at www.mehaber.com/forum where individuals may network, and post information from topics ranging from Men's/Women's/Children's philanthropic opportunities, to job vacancies.


In September 2006, Mehaber formed a strategic partnership with Vision on Africa to focus on providing financial support in four key areas of :
1) Healthcare - Access to free or discounted mental and physical care services, life saving drugs and immunizations, health education (HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention)
2) Education - Access to free or subsidized education via grants and scholarships to cover the cost of books, tuition and school uniforms
3) Community and Social Development - Programs, particularly aimed at youth (such as orphaned children) yet inclusive of sustainable development, access to job/work opportunities
4) Poverty/Hunger Eradication and Disaster Relief efforts - Programs supporting food, clothing, and shelter efforts for those affected by famine and other natural disasters



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