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Mission Statement

We are a thrift store that helps people with their pet(s) when they just need a little help. We are a 100% ran thrift store. We help with the cost of vaccinations, emergency surgery, spay/neuter, medication, grooming and much more..

Everything in the store is donated by the community.

All the money goes back to the community..

Its like neighbors helping neighbors..

Your pet needs shots but you just lost your job. You have enough money to get groceries and pay a little on your electric bill. But you still need to get your fur baby it's shots because the landlord wants the documents.

You hear a knock at the door, you get up to answer it. You open the door, and all of a sudden the dog bolts. There is a car driving down the street that's going faster then the speed limit and it doesn't look good.. Reality sets in as you just watched your do g getting hit.. It's all in slow motion... Your dog is laying motionless in the street. You run over to him/her, it's still breathing... What do you do? Your mind is racing... "I can't afford this", but you love it too much to put it down! How can I save him?

You live on SSI, You have had Buddy for the past 9 years, but it has never been a challenge to afford the grooming till now. What do you do? You only have so much to live off for the rest of the month...

You go to the vet and thought you had enough to cover the bill but the vet has some surprise news on the condition of your pet, Well crap... you don't have enough to cover the meds or food it needs...

This is the story behind most pet owners. Most of us love our pet more then words can say but sometimes we come into situations we can not control.

Those people should not be shunned upon. We should not say "If you can not afford a pet, you should not have one". Because this is life and things happen beyond our control...

Most of us live pay check to pay check. That does not mean we sould not have a pet. That we should not have a furry stress reliever. That we should live without a being that gives us something that a human does not... Un conditional love, the meaning of innocence, and dependability.

Do not put one down because they are not providing for their furry family member, because they do not have a stable job. But how do you know you have a stable job? How do you know when you decide to get a pet, that you will be able to provide for it the rest of it's life?
Some may be able to afford to put money away for them, but in reality, most of us do not.

That's why I opened Jazzy & Mumbos. I live this every day. I do not have a job that I know will be there for me every day for the rest of my pets life. I have pets and a family that I need to provide for. I know that there are others out there just like me, that love their pets but sometimes come short in providing for them.


What we do is sell donated items to help pets in need. We help pay a percentage of, grooming, shots, spay/neuter, medication, shelter, food, and any kind of emergency, and surgeries. We also help find pets new homes when the owner knows they can not keep it...


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