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Mission Statement

"Cultivating Health and Spiritual Maturity."

The uniform mission and purpose statement of this corporation shall be:
To assist humanity in integrating a rational approach to spirituality by cultivating a healthy, mature and harmonious relationship with the sublime laws of nature.
To facilitate the natural evolution of human consciousness toward self-realization of the divinity inherent in each and every human being, regardless of their philosophical, religious, cultural, racial, political or social identities, by facilitating the cultivation of self discovery and inner unfoldment through rational spiritual thought and practice.

We recognize that the manifestation of divine wisdom and human potential is both self-realized and self-evident, and beyond the definition of archetypal religious, social or philosophical paradigms, yet exists spontaneously and essentially at the basis of all human endeavors and at the underlying foundation of universal existence.


This organization is founded on beliefs rooted in the natural function of life and existence. We intend to operate the organizations programs and activities in manner that is naturally consistent with these beliefs and premises. This includes the application and facilitation of technologies affecting the dynamics of group consciousness, human awareness, healing and evolution. This includes, but is not limited to, meditation, natural remedies, spiritual ceremony and cutting-edge unified-field technologies.

Our operating methodology shall be to articulate and disseminate, through all available means and in a manner that fully supports the integrity of the subtle aspects of universal spiritual teachings and healing techniques proven effective for awakening and integrating the well-spring of human potential and healing by resting into the grandeur of human divinity through the most rational and responsible articulation and application of spiritual healing, spiritual counseling and meditation techniques.

We are currently in developing a global promotional and outreach strategy to access groups in Germany, France, India and China.



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