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Mission Statement



We thank you for your willingness to learn more about the Projects we have been called to serve. The mission of our organization is to provide humanitarian assistance through churches and charitable organizations to the southern area of Haiti to the holistic of the habitants in those mountains in Arnaud.

Jericho7 Arnaud Projects, Incorporated and referred to as JAPI was founded by Joseph and Eunide Benjamin in 2010 following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti in January 2010. Prior to the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti we felt the spirit of God leading and guiding us to build a testament or legacy to glorify God and moving us to serve God’s people worldwide. Though we did not know how, we knew for at least ten years prior to the 2010 devastation in Haiti that God was working on us to do a powerful service for His glory, for His children. In 2010 we witnessed with our eyes and spirit that we needed to help the people of Haiti! Thus, our first project being led by Him for His glory was implemented and JAPI was founded.

On December 31, 2011, the Georgia Secretary of State officially recognized JAPI as a nonprofit corporation.

It is our prayer that you will be willing to partner with the work of JAPI.In 2010 we immediately recognized that the people of Haiti were in dire need to receive: (a) the Mercy of God; (b) health care services; (c) education; and (d) food to nourish their bodies. The goal of JAPI is to rebuild Haiti, the lives of the people of Haiti. To rebuild the lives of the people we need to build a community, one community at a time, and to build a community we must have free God, schools, food, and a hospital. In over two years JAPI has laid the foundation to rebuild Haiti with each mission effort. JAPI has provided medical care to more than one thousand people yearly. JAPI is providing education and food to more than 500 children. JAPI has helped to build a church in a village in southern Haiti (Sinta). JAPI has a prison ministry in Anse a Veau and has provided medical assistance and God’s word to more than 200 inmates.Since then have donated more than ($0.5 million) haf a million dollars medical care to the people of Haiti thoughour partners.

Thanks be to God JAPI received two donations of land. JAPI is raising funds to build, equip, and staff a hospital of about $3.5 millions and a technical school on one parcel of land that will serve more than 50,000 people in Arnaud and surrounding villages. JAPI is raising funds to build, equip, and staff an orphanage and a primary/secondary school on the other parcel of land for over $500.000.00. The technical school is needed for villagers to learn various skills and receive training beyond secondary school to provide for themselves, the needs of their families, and their communities. JAPI is also raising funds to purchase an ambulance. An ambulance is needed to transport the sick to receive medical attention. So many Haitians have to walk for hours to receive medical help and needless to say many die because they are too ill to walk for help.

JAPI is keenly aware that the needs of the people are many and that the county is plagued with many ills. We need in-kind donations, physicians, dentists, nurses, carpenters, plumbers, contractors, educators, and most importantly we need people who love doing what God would have us to do - be of service to others. We are called to be people of action; people who engage in actively helping others. We are called to give and to keep on giving because all that we have belongs to God! Tull Foundation will you help us?

You may view our website and/or make a donation now to JAPI at:

SUNTRUST BANK Account # 1000143420700 IRS 501(c)3/EIN 45-5214465



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