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Mission Statement

The conversion of earth into a heaven as in the lord prayer---on earth as it is in heaven

Evidencing eac individual self/ person/s/,being/s/,thing/s/,location/s/,occurrence/s in the perfect ,image and likeness of god, the angels in heaven, heaven.


A faith based entity with projects in various areas// humwn rights, animal rights, assistance for vuctims of abuse, community betterment, recovery from addictions..alcolism recovery, illegal drug use addictions recovery,etc etc



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by Karla M. from Topeka, KS (2014-04-08 12:29:38.0)
Contact information sketchy, unable to connect to process volunteer request. Was expected to be available at all hours/days and have calls and emails monitored. Never could get straight information and web site does not contain anything relevant.
by Mark L. from Maricopa, AZ (2014-03-17 11:01:11.0)
Much of the information provided here either makes no sense or is riddled with typos. You have to have these things together before people will donate their time.
by Susan B. (2014-02-21 12:17:02.0)
Similar to the previous review, this post is extremely bare. And while it now links to a (very basic) website, the site lists an address/location no where near the location listed in the ad.
by Ruby K. (2014-02-06 20:52:13.0)
This opportunity does not have sufficient information provided. The webdomain provided does not exist as well.