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Mission Statement

Baltimore City Community College provides outstanding educational, cultural, and social experiences to the citizens of Baltimore, the state of Maryland and surrounding areas. The College’s accessible, affordable, comprehensive programs include college transfer and career preparation, technical training and life skills training. The College provides a variety of student services that meet the learning needs and support for an increasingly diverse student population. BCCC, a dynamic higher education institution, is responsive to the changing needs of its stakeholders: individuals, businesses, government, and educational institutions of the community at large.



Workstyles is a two-week, sixty-hour program that prepares refugees to enter the U.S. workforce. The curriculum employs a variety of teaching techniques, including active listening games, brainstorming sessions, skills and interests surveys, model skit interviews, and case studies. Participants develop meaningful and realistic employment and educational goals - both short- and long- term. The course is team-taught by professional trainers and is geared for English-language learners from the High Beginning to Advanced levels. Workstyles trainers provide "a positive, encouraging, yet always challenging atmosphere for participants who are dealing with a lack of confidence and fear of failure. Trainers are there to assist the class members to develop skills to meet the challenges of the American employment culture and to gain some measure of control over their lives.

Program participants learn the skills that would enable them to become self-sufficient. The program’s success is measured by their ability to:

  • Complete job applications
  • Make professional introductions
  • Answer difficult questions during an interview
  • Identify personal talents and job skills
  • Understand workplace English
  • Set short- and long-term employment and educational goals


WorkWise is a four-week, 120-hour entry level job skills training designed for adults who had little or no opportunity to attend school prior to arriving in the United States, but are eager and expected to enter the American workforce for the first time. Through a combination of instructional methods, classroom materials, illustrations, and work experiences, Work Wise participants learn critical and technical skills that help them become valuable employees.

The WorkWise curriculum focuses on:

  • Technical skills such as:
    • work place tools, their use and storage
    • organization, hands on and practical activities of sorting, picking and packing
    • customer service, such as appropriate body language, greetings and words
    • safety/hygiene, safe and unsafe workplace conditions and hygiene

  • Basic skills:

  • foundational literacy to learn words for work, acquiring workplace vocabulary
  • numeracy for basic entry level jobs, such as: measuring and weighing, making changes, telling time

  • Workplace values such as:
    • Quality control, though maintaining high standard in classroom activities, work tasks and interpersonal relations
    • Time Management, through making punctuality and appropriate pace of work important aspects of the WorkWise curriculum
    • Communication, through learning simple strategies to clarify instructions and avoid mistakes on the job
    • Collaboration, through accomplishing big and small activities during the training in small and large groups and encouraging teamwork
    • Creative and critical thinking, through presentations of simplified forms of problems that they may encounter in the workplace and must be solved through critical thinking
    • Confidence through completing WorkWise with confidence in their capacity to continue to learn and perform well in the workplace
    • Service learning: during the WorkWise training participants are placed in a number of partner agencies and learn entry level job skills on the job.


The increasing importance of computer literacy in improving knowledge, learning skills, accessing new information, and widening opportunities has now been well established. Education is now being well integrated with computer technology. All sorts of job applications and job related screening tests have to be completed on online to be considered for a job. The Basic computer literacy class helps students acquire skills in keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet and E-mail.



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