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Mission Statement

Learn to be sales and marketing The company Diagnocine with over 15,000 products focuses on sales and marketing of products related to research laboratory reagents used in biotech, pharmaceutical, reference and pathology laboratories and academic/government research facilities.


Sales, Marketing and Consulting Company

No compensation is provided to student/volunteers and the position is NON-PAID. The company has option to hire for part-time position volunteer with high performance but this is not guarantee.

Volunteers Must be college level or above. BioMedicine background is desired but not required.

*Office/ desk work; some lifting
* Comfortable working environment in clean office
* Relaxed workflow
* learn to attend vendor shows if desired

Responsibilities are
* minimum 3 hours/day and 3days/wk; can stay longer hours/day or work more days/wk if wishes to learn more
* NON-PAID volunteer position
* learn email marketing to clients, learn market research on products, learn to generate flyers/brochures/booklets for products
* learn to do e-commerce related data entry

Skill set to do the volunteering
* Understand instructions from supervisors- Fully proficient in English for reading and writing
* Multi-Tasking - willingness to learn sales, marketing and product distribution and strong determination to succeed
* Learn Biomedicine research products
* Practice basic computer skills with power points, excel and words
* Practice writing letters to clients


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by Alicia Y. (2017-11-21 14:55:45.0)
I was part of the take a break program at this hospital and now that I have gained experience in a private lab for over 6 years I would like to help in research which is a great passion of mine