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Mission Statement

In addition to achieving academic excellence, students will learn and practice enlightened living and thereby open their hearts and minds to develop the compassion, insight and skillful means to become responsible, benevolent, and confident individuals dedicated to aiding all beings in handling life’s challenges.


Purple Lotus School is a non-profit private Buddhist school dedicated to educating its students on healthy living and teaching the ways of Tibetan Buddhism to its community and students. Located in the heart of Union City, California, PLS strives to use education as a vehicle for enlightened living; students are challenged to think mindfully and they often reflect on life's obstacles in an effort to build character.

Through Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, our school emphasizes an environment that promotes the belief that happiness and peace is not an attainable goal, but rather existent as it is. Enlightened living mentioned above is to realize that we have control of our own lives, whether it is our physical, spiritual, or mental state.

The vision for Purple Lotus School is for students to take their education and skills from school and be able to apply it to not just their own lives, but in their interaction with the world around them. May there be peace for you and all those around you.

Om Ma Ni Padmi Hom



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Average Review 3 reviews

Would you recommend Purple Lotus School?

by E & T F. from Newark, CA (2014-01-12 19:46:19.0)
Purple Lotus is so much more than an academic program. Our 3rd grader is so happy to be learning a new language, loves the hands on science lessons and knows Purple Lotus is a special place. As parents we are no longer worried about her being bored as she gets to advance beyond her grade level. The school program along with the teachers provide students with a unique educational opportunity that develops character, fostering love for humankind. Students develop an intellectual basis for the understanding of peace and teaching to contribute to, and improve society. If you are looking for a unique and nurturing environment that is open to students locally and abroad look no further.
by Jack C. (2014-01-09 16:41:51.0)
A Buddhist school in the middle of a nice neighborhood! Despite being a religious school this place offers a lot to the students. The teachers are all very well educated and come from many backgrounds. The classes are small, making the 1 on 1 time between teacher to student a very valuable thing! Overall, the mixture of religion and education brings the best out in the students.
by Sandy L. (2014-01-09 14:23:06.0)
The students at this school are are appreciative of their instructors and enthusiastic about learning. Working with them was a great pleasure. A number of the staff are also very dedicated, and work hard to create opportunities for the students to learn and grow. It's always nice to see such dedication to a child's education. Also, there's no need to be intimidated by the fact that it's a Buddhist school. Instructors came from all backgrounds. The school does not preach religion to its instructors, nor do instructors need to be Buddhist.