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Mission Statement

The National Alliance to End Abuse will act as an educational and informational resource to identify gaps in federal, state and local agency services. Specifically, services designed to assist with issues resulting from an abuse. The National Alliance is committed to maintaining an impartial outlook when determining which program gaps, program services and program initiatives we align ourselves with. Through campaign initiatives, we bring awareness to an identified gap and determine the appropriate level of assistance and time commitment required to responsibly and effectively provide a quality of service that is unparallel in approach and concept.
Our vision, while bridging program gaps, is to produce sustainable positive change in the lives of our nationsâ citizens. The National Alliance to End Abuse strives to create results that assist our communities to be free from the traumatizing effects of all forms of abuse. We envision a nation filled with hope for the future of our citizens.


Thank you for taking the time to review this presentation. It is our hope that you will support us in this necessary campaign outreach. As youâ ve read our target audience has been expected to thrive and excel in the midst of constant violence and abuse and often without service. We think that needs to change.

ITZNOTOK targets 18 million young adults that are angry, confused, lost and often filled with bitterness and self-hatred. These learned behaviors are some of the many harmful attitudes and feelings theyâ ve adapted as normal and acceptable. Most are lacking in the most universally fundamental concept; the knowledge and belief that they have a choice and understanding that the choices they make, really do matter.

How that must feelâ ¦ what happens when nothing matters? It would be great if the answer were nothing â but what has happened, is happening and will continue to happen is that young lives are being taken, lost, and handed over in acts of suicidal despair, hopelessness and homicidal rage. Lackadaisical sexual encounters are exchanged without giving significant thought to the consequences, this too is preventable.
We can change this.

As ITZOTOK visits our nationâ s schools please know that your support will make a difference in the lives of this population. We are excited to facilitate such an important campaign that matters to so many people on various different levels.

We are looking forward to having you as a partner of this â culture-changing campaign,â thank you for your interest.



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