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Mission Statement

Cornerstone Bridges to Life is a public non-profit corporation assisting people of all ages in and around Richford to overcome barriers to living safe, prosperous, healthy and enriched lives leading to a transformed community where happy people live, work and play.

Our mission is:

  1. To create a safe and nurturing environment where people of all backgrounds and ages experience the benefits of community life through shared learning, work and recreation;
  2. To provide the necessary resources and support to help people overcome obstacles to a productive and prosperous life spiritually, emotionally, materially, financially and in their relationships with others;
  3. To become a catalyst for creating and sustaining positive places to live, work and play;
  4. To become a place where people with needs are connected with those who can meet those needs and reciprocate in kind; to inspire the people of our community to perceive Richford in a positive way.


We are a non-profit located in a rural, somewhat isolated border town that is dedicated to empowering the residents and strengthening community relations within Richford, VT and the surrounding areas. We currently partner with Buildling Brighter Futures to provide early education supports to children in grades 2 and below; as well as partnering with Vermont Adult Learning to provide teens with the tools to earn their GED or HS diploma. Another program we provide for teens is a teen parenting support/education group as well as a job skills course.

We also provide opportunities for intergenerational connections through our mentoring program that is partially organized/funded through Franklin County Caring Communities. We also provide programming for seniors in the form of fitness, arts, and healthy meals. For adults in the community, we provide a job training course as well as finanicial literacy courses and help with filling out job applications, resumes, and other important documentation such as court forms.

We are constantly adding and developing new programs/services to keep up with the growing needs of our community members; we are a constantly growing and adapting center.



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