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Mission Statement

Rescue and/or aid, in any way possible, Pekingese and other small canines in need arising from situations of, but not limited to, abandonment, abuse, cruelty, owner surrender, and from public and private shelters. Each of our rescued animals is examined by a veterinarian, receives medical treatment, innoculations, is spayed/neutered, and placed on flea, tick and heartworm prevention. We attempt to rehabilitate each animal physically and emotionally and retrain for correct behavior. When the dog is ready, s/he is placed in a well-screened home of his/her choosing. No dog is placed unless s/he is ready and willing. Cooperate with and coordinates activities with other rescue and animal welfare organizations in pursuit of the above objective. Educate and inform the public of the problems of overpopulation in pets resulting from accidental or indiscriminate breeding and irresponsible canine ownership and in proper and responsible canine care. Foster an appreciation for and a sense of the needs of these canines and their value and importance in our lives. Promote cooperation, good conduct and mutual respect among volunteers and rescue workers and the public.


Rescued canines (20 lbs or under) are usually taken to Pekes and Pals headquarters until we are sure they are free of communicable illnesses. They are then taken to the vet for spay/neuter, dental, and what ever health needs addressed.Then they are placed in approved foster homes to be brought back to full health and taught how to behave in a home environment. They are given love and approval in their foster homes -- something most of them have never known. Their personality traits usually become evident in this environment, helping us to better place them in a matching home. The dogs' pictures are placed on our website through Petfinder, along with a brief description. Applications to adopt come into Headquarters through the website, are committee reviewed with the aim of ensuring the dog's continued happiness and welfare. If the applicant passes Pekes and Pals criteria, s/he may come meet the dog, either at headquarters or the foster home. The dog makes the final decision on the applicant.



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