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Mission Statement

To ensure the future is in good hands, teens need access to a full range of opportunities and experiences, regardless of their economic situation. By inspiring teens, we can instill memories that will affect them forever. Grades rise, they stay in school, and communities thrive.


HEFG has a long history of giving direct support to educate Georgia’s teens while benefiting communities by reducing dropout rates, increasing scholarships, training teachers, and funding schools programs. Regardless of their economic situation, all students need access to the same life-changing field trips, inspiring industry involvement, and college scholarships. With HEFG’s support every student will have a chance to thrive.

HEFG’s outstanding success and increasingly impressive achievements, takes volumes to document. Beyond everything, what makes us most proud is when successful graduates return to become mentors to another group of passionate young students.

Half of all adults report having worked in the restaurant industry at some point during their lives, for one third of adults it was their first job experience, and teenagers love food. Because of this, HEFG partners with the foodservice industry to achieve its mission. HEFG believe every student deserves a chance to be successful.

Hundreds of volunteer, HEFG’s active Board of Trustees, and Georgia’s devoted teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure the Foundation meets its mission. Their dedication, love of education and commitment to Georgia’s teenagers has changed countless lives forever.


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