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Mission Statement

Provide social interaction for older adults.

Promote fun in an enjoyable, nurturing, respectful, non-threatening and learning environment.

Provide an opportunity for entry and re-entry levels for music making.

Provide an educational, emotional and physical stimulation for adult music making.

Encourage membership diversity.

Encourage intergenerational and instructional opportunities.

Remain associated with the University of Dayton music program.

Maintain a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.


The New Horizons Music Program is an exciting opportunity for adults over 50 to learn a musical instrument or to rediscover long-forgotten skills. This program provides a combination of education, meeting new friends, and participating in a variety of events as an important part of a group, all while learning to play an instrument.

New Horizons emphasizes the connections music draws to the past, present and future, and the associations it creates between participants and other individuals and cultures. Because of this, learning music with New Horizons can have a significant impact on members by allowing for profound reflections while also having fun and gaining a new skill. Playing an instrument also has positive health benefits such as the manipulation of finger, hand and arm movements, breathing, rhythmic feeling, utilization of both sides of the brain and strengthening of facial muscles.

New Horizons Music Program is unique as it emphasizes the learning (or re-learning) of active music making. While the typical community band tends to cater to those who are accomplished on their instruments, the New Horizons Program accommodates those who want to try something new or begin polishing those skills that might be a bit rusty. We believe that it is never too late to start! Our teaching philosophy is based on the fundamentals of playing with a good tone, playing by ear before reading music and developing a solid sense of ensemble rhythmic feeling. Teachers instruct in a relaxed, non-threatening and enjoyable atmosphere.



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