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Mission Statement

Heart for Humanity’s Mission is to provide health and wellness education for a healthier lifestyle to under-served populations.

The Heart for Humanity program trains holistic leaders in ancient wellness theory and practices who donate their time to working with senior homes and other under-served communities. Individuals, who normally do not have access to this information, will be given the resources they need to empower themselves to heal, restore, and maintain optimum psychological and physical health.

Heart for Humanity provides a support system for a better life by developing and providing educational programs to underserved community, including seniors, students, veterans and victims of trauma, abuse, and crime.


Affiliate Programs

Zen Village

We are Zen Village, located in the heart of Coconut Grove, and we are known to be a unique place of reflection. Our grounds are comprised of a breathtaking Buddhist temple and sanctuary. Our multicultural, inclusive outlook welcomes people of all belief systems. On any given day, there are many different activities and classes taking place here. From sacred tea ceremonies, to Yoga and Meditation classes, a visit to our site is sure to be full of sacred traditions and perceptual awareness. We promote community awareness and are constantly seeking ways to help the community and its members to become more knowledgeable about themselves and the world around them. Most importantly, our ideals are those that support eco-living, sustainability, and overall holistic wellness. Zen Village is a place for people to achieve a more interconnected sense of their mind, body and spirit. The connection between these is crucial and catering to our sense of self-goes hand in hand with this notion. We want you to elevate to a higher state. Essentially, a spiritual transformation awaits you. You may find your inner complexities to be far more within reach. You may evolve over time into a much calmer, more peaceful, and overall more balanced individual. The Zen Village is a place of personal evolution where individuals can find solace in reflection and find peace in solitude.



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