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Mission Statement

Our Mission

We are a religious organization and the central point of communication between the Shia Muslims in North America and their spiritual religious leadership (Marja’iyyah) in all matters pertaining to beliefs and religious duties. At the same time, we aim to organize Shia Muslims in North America as a vibrant, communicating, and collaborative community to practice its faith. We impart the teachings of Allah brought to us through the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet and his infallible household while adhering to the laws of the land.


Goals & Objectives

  1. To be a central resource for the Shia Muslims in North America and their religious and spiritual leadership (Marjaeya) in all that pertains to matters of their religion and beliefs away from any political or party influence.
  2. To organize matters of the Shia Muslims in North America in relevant areas such as worship, marriage, divorce, wills, inheritance, or other religious legal matters.
  3. To encourage, equip and develop all Shia Muslims in North America with the proper education and learning for the application of their faith, reflecting the Shia Muslim teachings and raising the status of the followers within their respective communities.
  4. To educate the Shia Muslims on the concept of citizenship and integration within the society in which an individual exits, while preserving the Islamic religious identity and the noble humanitarian morals, and the laws of the state and country, so it serves in the peaceful coexistence with the other religions and groups.
  5. To collect and raise funds for the purpose of humanitarian aid to support and help the poor, the orphaned, the unprivileged and all those whose situation requires assistance, and wherever I.M.A.M. is able, through any legal and proper means, to support and uplift the moral, spiritual and educational status of such individuals regardless of their geographic location whether it is local or international.

Our philosophy

The Oneness of God is the most fundamental principle that shapes all other principles. This is manifested through the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Holy Household of Prophet Mohammed (the infallibles) and it establishes the following values:

  1. The vitality of justice in all aspect of humanity.

  2. The importance of understanding and following our religious leadership.

  3. The acknowledgement of the hereafter as part of man’s infinite existence.

Major principles that are the seed for our thought:

  • Self-preservation
  • Protecting our self-interests
  • Protecting our role in the community
  • Protecting the right of coexistence with others



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by Nouhad A. from Westland, MI (2013-12-10 17:29:16.0)
This Organization reaches out to those orphans who are needy, both within the state of Michigan, throughout the United States, and wherever help calls. The sense of being within this organization is spectacular, and I encourage those who have a deep interest in helping orphans to take part and contribute in order to reach out. Your efforts don't go unrecognized.