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Mission Statement

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through unique equine-assisted experiences.


"Grab the lead, look straight ahead, and walk like you know where you are going." My instructor stood next to me while I took a deep breath. I walked toward Scarlet, a beautiful pony. As I held Scarlet’s lead rope and walked straight ahead, I became aware, with nervous excitement, of this horse following me with cautious curiosity. The instructor encouraged me, stating that if I knew where I was going, Scarlett would follow. Conveying confidence allowed me to successfully lead Scarlett through the pasture.

Empowerment Through Connection: Empowering Girls of Today Program provides opportunities for girls and young women to learn about and understand the power of nonverbal communication, from a 1,000 pound horse and how to apply that knowledge to leadership in life experiences.

In our programs, facilitators team with horses to support girls and young women in developing leadership, confidence, self-awareness and communication skills. Horses teach us how to connect, respect and gain trust through communication. Horses don’t see our differences, they simply react to us as we are in each moment. When people and horses get together, magic happens. Through learning to relate to horses, people gain newfound self-awareness, compassion, and acceptance of diversity, while developing confidence and leadership. Our program ensures well-rounded perspectives on communication and healthy relationships, which has a ripple effect to school, work, family and society.


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