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Mission Statement

Dancers and musicians should collaborate - live - in performance. This is the core belief upon which I founded Chamber Dance Project. The synergy and excitement of this live dialogue is what makes us a performingart; it has a profound impact on those experiencing it.

The first rehearsal in a large theater always disappoints me. The dancers and choreography which, just the day before, were within touching distance, were now a half a football field away from me. If the music was not recorded, the musicians are unseen in the pit. Seeing people on one particular opening night view my work through opera glasses from the back of a major opera house crushed me. I said to myself, This is not how I want people to experience my work. I went home to New York and started planning what I said I would never do - start a company. Thus, the chamber in Chamber Dance Project: intimacy with the work, with the artists; so close you could almost touch the art with the musicians and dancers all onstage.

It is pivotal that we share the process. Creating in the studio is my passion: the potential (and fear) of that still and wide open-studio on that first day of rehearsal, dancers ready to begin. Anything is possible. It is in this process in which I live most fully in creating. Then, it is the performers who take my work and embody it onstage. We share our process in the studio and this year, will invite audiences to see our new works-in-progress in the theatre.

If you have fabulous musicians let them play! We choose two works they play on their own as a part of every performance. We support the work of talented choreographers and composers. This is a repertoire company. Home to my artistic work, certainly, I created CDP to also foster the work of other artists I believe in. It has been so gratifying to commission work from incredible and powerful artists and we will continue to do so.

As we re-establish Chamber Dance Project in D.C., my new home, I am excited to collaborate with new artists, Board members, patrons and audiences brought together in this new way. Excited by the impact we may have. It is like that still and wide-open studio on that first day: full of amazing people who want to create something new.


Chamber Dance Project, dancers & musicians, is a company of professional artists dedicated to redefining contemporary ballet in partnership with live music in intimate settings heightening the impact on audiences. We are dedicated to sharing our art and exposing it to a diverse audience not otherwise afforded the opportunity. Our work is a celebration of outstanding artists and designers collaborating on works which have a contemporary relevance and resonance. We are devoted to supporting the creation of new choreographic works and musical scores and to their performance with other contemporary works onstage as well as in film. We utilize the intimate and interactive settings of the rehearsal studio, educational classroom and the theater to share our creative process.



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