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Mission Statement

To rescue cats that have been abused, abandoned or surrendered to shelters that practice euthanasia as a means of animal control. We will actively promote and practice trap, alter and release, removing adoptable cats and kittens from feral/stray colonies to be re-homed. To work with other animal lovers and animal welfare groups to provide humane education and assistance to the public, encouraging them to spay and neuter their pets. To provide loving care, medical attention, socialization, and ultimately place all adoptable cats in loving homes.


Feline Rescue & Rehome (FuRR) is an organization dedicated to the welfare of cats in central Arkansas. Arkansas is dog country and we felt there was a need for a cat only organization. FuRR strongly believes that we can reduce the suffering of cats by reducing the over-population of cats. To that end we hold monthly spay/neuter clinics to reduce the number of new kittens being born. Included in these clinics are cats from feral colonies. Feral cats are sterlized and released back to their colonies where, though they live a feral life, they will not produce more cats, the males will not constantly get into fights and are less likely to be infected by felv/fiv, and the females are not continually creating more homeless kittens. They will live longer, happier lives, even as ferals.

FuRR also maintains a network of foster homes for adoptable cats and kittens. Prospective adopters fill out application forms and they are screened for suitability not only for an individual cat, but whether they should adopt at all. Each adoption includes testing for felv/fiv, shots-to-date, and most importantly a spay or neuter.

Furr attends community events to provide information about the over-population of cats and the needless suffering that could be prevented if every pet owner would have their pets sterilized. These events are sometimes used as adoption opportunities.

FuRR is a grass-roots organization that relies strictly on donations from the public and adoption fees. The adoption fees do not cover all of FuRR's expenses relating to the adopted cat. FuRR does not currently have a public facility. All our cats live in foster homes. We hope someday to have a storefront to promote FuRR to the public and as a means of raising funds.

FuRR is currently working with city government to promote a humane treatment of the homeless cats in central Arkansas.



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by Marion and David C. from Townsend, GA (2010-08-23 13:28:54.0)
The members of the Board, Vets, and Volunteers of Feline Rescue and Rehome are very dedicated to helping as many animals as possible. My husband and I worked with Feline Rescue and Rehome for several years and have seen the passion within the group. While working yard sales, getting caught in thunderstorms, spending countless hours trapping feral kitties and working spay-neuter clinics they maintain a reasonable sense of humor. Much of the time, spending their own money or housing just one more kitty. Many rescue groups provide the same level of dedication, but, if you are in the Arkansas, you won?t be disappointed by this group. You can be proud of the time you spend with them and they are always so thankful for every little thing you do. We will miss them since we have moved out of state but, will continue to give them whatever help we can. We highly recommend Feline Rescue and Rehome if you are looking to volunteer or provide a forever home for a Furry Friend.