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Mission Statement

Autism Services, Inc. exists in order to promote and protect the health and legitimacy of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As the world becomes more populated with people on the autism spectrum, it becomes even more imperative that people with Autism Spectrum Disorders are understood and valued for their unique contributions to arts, sciences, cultural diversity and general human experience. On a daily basis, Autism Services, Inc. strives to protect the rights of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders to create environments, both within our programs and in the larger society, where they can flourish and thrive in ways that are consistent with their personal values.

Autism Services, Inc. also employs methods to teach people with Autism Spectrum Disorders new skills and abilities in ways that promote genuine internalization, generalization and development. We are a person-centered program that believes in incidental teaching as a way to promote authentic, internally motivated growth. Our staff members provide the support and guidance that is necessary to maximize learning opportunities, independence and societal inclusion.


From humble beginnings over 30 years ago beginning with a small, 12-month education program, Autism Services has grown into an agency with multiple locations offering a variety of educational and quality of life programs that include Adult Day Programs, Residential Programs, Supported Employment, Family Support Services (including Medical Services Coordination, Respite, In-Home Clinical Support Program, Therapeutic Recreation for Autistic Children (TRAC) and an After School and Vacation Camp Program) and related Clinical Support. In our Adult Day Program the learning continues: from basics such as self-care, to employment and community integration, which is the ultimate goal of our organization.

The programs at Autism Services are not designed to cure autism, but to help people with autism learn to function in a society that was never tailored to their needs. We approach autism as a culture that has much to contribute. With this at the heart of our philosophy, we are a platform for our artists, writers, poets and musical performers to express themselves to their communities. Arts Work is our agency’s signature program. Through Arts Work, the universal language of art and music is used to create a bridge between people with autism and the community at large. Involvement in the visual and performing arts allows our population to engage with the public, facilitating communication and socialization while increasing awareness.



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